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According to the legal requirements, if the Estonian company has the international legal address , it is necessary to appoint a Contact Person.  Contact Person may be a notary, a sworn auditor or a company with a special license.

The function of the Contact Person is to receive letters from the Estonian government authorities.

Our company offers the Contact Person service for both newly registered and existing companies.

Our experts will help you correctly draw up an application to appoint or change a Contact Person, submit an application to the Commercial Register or organise the notary deal.

If necessary, we will provide services for receiving and forwarding the company's regular correspondence - to receive an offer, send us a request.

The cost of a contact person service  is 140 euros/year

When ordering both the services of a contact person and a legal address , the cost is 140 euros per year.

*** When ordering the service of the Contact Person - the legal address of the contact person is considered to be the address of the company for the delivery of correspondence from the state authorities of Estonia

To order the service of the Legal Address:


Send us a request by email


Fill out the Client Questionnaire and send a copy of the owner passport


Pay our invoice and get a digitally signed consent of the contact person

Frequently asked Questions

Yes, it is possible - but only if an Estonian resident is in the management board of the  company.

When the company is managed only by foreign citizens, they need to appoint a Contact Person who will accept correspondence from the Estonian state authorities 

You send us an application, fill out a form with contact details. After paying for the service, we send you the digital consent of the Contact Person, which you add to the application in the online system of the Commercial Register. If the transaction takes place with a notary, we send our digital consent to the notary.

If necessary, we can provide the consultation how to add the contact person's data to the Commercial Register, we can also prepare and organize the submission of documents via a notary.

If you have an e-residence card - the procedure for appointing the Contact person takes place in the online system of the Commercial Register.

If there is no card, you may visit Tallinn and male this changes via a notary.

You can also send us a power of attorney - we will make all the necessary changes without your presence.

The specialists of our company will be happy to answer your questions. Send us your request!


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