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85 month
  • Company with VAT / without VAT
  • Without employees
  • Up to 30 documents per month
  • Submission of tax returns
  • Accounting
  • *** Prices include VAT


85 +€ 10/employee
  • Company with VAT / without VAT
  • Up to 10 employees
  • Up to 30 documents per month
  • Submission of tax returns
  • Accounting
  • *** Prices include VAT


from € 120
  • Every company has to submit the anual report
  •  Company with VAT / without VAT

  • Fee for companies with regular accounting services  - average monthly fee
  • *** Prices include VAT

Accounting in Estonia

  • maintenance of current accounting records
  • accounting consultations
  • Submission of all declarations to the tax department
  • Submitting a report of the turnover within the EU community
  • Submission of annual reports

The accounting fee for a company in Estonia depends on many factors:

* size of document flow

* presence or absence of VAT

* number of employees

* size of currency exchange transactions

Our company provide an individual approach to each client. After consulting with an accountant, we offer the accounting service package that is optimal for your company or make an individual proposal.

The specialists of our company provide a full range of accounting services. We submit all forms of tax reports, work with auditors and tax consultants. 

Accounting in Estonia

  • all documents can be stored electronically
  • there are no strict requirements for the preparation of internal documents of the company
  • reports to the tax department are submitted through an electronic system or on paper (if the company does not have VAT)
  • as a rule, two types of reports are submitted: TSD - by the 10th of each month (salaries and payments), and VAT report - by the 20th of each month
  • the annual report is submitted by the 30th of June of the year following the reporting year
  • new companies submit their annual report for the first time in 18 months after their registration

Taxes in Estonia

1.income tax 0%

2.income tax 20% tax 33%

4.dividend tax 20/80 on special benefits, gifts and donations and pension payments

The specialists of our company will be happy to answer your questions. Send us your request!


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